Malibu Wine Safaris


What does Malibu and safaris have in common? A lot more than you think! A short drive from Canoga Park is this hodgepodge of a destination that simply works. Few suspect that 30 minutes from L.A. is a 1,000-acre sanctuary. Saddlerock Ranch is part vineyard, part safari, and 100 percent worth the short day trip.

Hop on board an open-topped rig with a seasoned guide who will take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Secure in your custom-built vehicle, stops include tastings of local wines as well as meet and greets with some of the local residents. Giraffes, camels, bison and zebras are just a few of the furry residents who call the ranch home.

A Taste of the Wild Side

Every type of vino is featured here from Zinfandel to Bisous. All from local vineyards, sommeliers have designed a tasting adventure like no other. Here, you’ll discover just how the Santa Monica Mountains can inform the notes and flavors of your favorite wines, all in a wildly inappropriate setting!

And don’t worry about the “careers” of the residents. Most of the exotic animals “retire” here after Hollywood careers. Pumba, Shui, Timon and Speeder are just a few of the celebrities you might recognize from TV and film. As long as you have bananas, pellets or carrots in hand, they’re more than happy to make your acquaintance.