Indian Fare in Woodland Hills


Southern California is a food lover’s paradise, and when only Indian fare will do, visitors have plenty of options. Start your gastro journey at Valley Indian Café, a cheery spot known for their generous lunch buffet and southern Indian specialties. Try out the light, airy dosas and impressive vegetarian menu featuring lentils, aloo dishes and much more.

Dilli Express offers both authentic fare as well as fusion dishes in a casual eatery. Try the various tandoori dishes, all prepped in an authentic oven, such as the shrimp tandoori, or explore one of the other options like the minced meat with spices, lamb chops or catch of the day.

Spice Up Your Trip

Paradise Biryani Point specializes in one of the most complex and flavorful dishes of India. You can’t check out this counter-serve restaurant without trying the staple dish with your choice of protein, whether you prefer it vegetarian with paneer cottage cheese or with the lamb, goat or chicken.

At India Sweets and Spices, you move through a grocery store to the counter-service restaurant equally known for scratch made savory entrees as well as delectable Indian sweets. Pair your stuffed paratha or naan with besan ladoo, a simple yet addictive sweet made with chickpea flour and ghee.