Halloween Costume Ideas

Cactus Halloween CostumeHalloween is only a few days away and we have some fast, easy and inexpensive Halloween costume ideas for you.

  1. Men In Black: Relive 1997 with a chic costume. All you need is a black suit and dark sunglasses. How easy is that? Don’t have a black suit, no worries, just head over to Goodwill or your closest thrift store for a cheap buy.
  2. Medusa: Talk about cheap and easy! Put on your most comfortable black pants and black shirt, throw your hair up in a bun and head to the closest toy store, WalMart or Target for some toy snakes to put in your hair (bobby pins work best to secure them to your hair!) and ta-da!
  3. Cactus: We are all about comfort. Green hoodie, green sweat pants and some white pipe cleaners and you are done. Cut pipe cleaners in half fold in the shape of a V and  attach all over sweat suit (glue, pin or sew) and you are an adorable saguaro cactus.
  4. 101 Dalmations: Great costume idea for the whole family. All you need is white shirts, black pants or black shorts with white tights a magic marker and you have a litter of puppies. Just use your magic marker to color spots on your white shirts and/or white tights. If you have black face paint, why not make a cute nose or a black eye?!
  5. Where’s Waldo: You won’t be hard to find with this fantastic costume. Grab your favorite pair of jeans, black rimmed glasses, a red and white striped shirt and matching red and white hat (optional). Glasses are a breeze to find at a thrift store!

As always, have a fun and safe holiday!