Check Out the Warner Center Near Canoga Park!

The downtown of the valley, the Warner Center, is between Vanowen Street and the Ventura Highway. Originally designed as a traffic reliever for Los Angeles traffic, it’s become a hot bed for businesses in the San Fernando Valley. Harry Warner of the Warner Brothers owned the land, and donated 20 acres in 1967 for the Warner Center Park project.

One year later, 630 more acres were sold to Aetna Life and Casualty, and the beginning of the Warner Center as we know it today was born. A 34 acre Promenade Mall opened in 1973, followed by the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in 1986. Throughout the years, the Warner Center Business Park spread to become a 1.8 million square foot building. The Trillium Office Project, 17 stories high with 600,000 square feet, became the crown jewel in the 80s.

Couple of tourists in the city

Big Plans

In the early aughts, the LNR Warner Center project was created along with a slew of multifamily housing projects. Today, the Warner Center 2035 Plan is a blueprint for transit-centric development and mixed use. A focus on walkability and sustainability is key.

Discover the sprawling Warner Center for yourself, from shopping to dining—and maybe even spotting a Hollywood big shot along the way.